Create a decentralized website

This tutorial is for developer

If you have no development experience, please check: Quickly create decentralized website

Creating a decentralized website is simple and requires two steps in total.

1. upload your html web folder to IPFS

You can upload html by installing the IPFS desktop application, or by third-party websites such as (Recommend)

Here is a demo site code, you can download it:

Go to and register an account

Unzip the file and modify the code.

Upload your html Folder, make sure it includes index.html

2. save the above IPFS hash (CID) in the domain name.

Copy the CID of this folder

Save (ipfs:// + CID) to the IPFS content in the domain.

example: ipfs://QmaRtXePh833Ds3bMNW6qgrnH4AmYc3mEKv3SQPNynXtSE

Demo domain:

Congratulations, your IPFS decentralized site has been created and you can access it by name +



Why does my page not display?

Make sure your folder containing index.html is uploaded to IPFS, sometimes you need to wait a few minutes for the upload to complete.

And copy the CID of the folder, not the index.html cid.

We recommend using for uploads, which does not require you to install the IPFS desktop application.

You can also use this gateway to check if your html upload is complete, replace your IPFS CID and open it in your browser.

How do I update my website?

You need to modify the html file locally and re-upload a new folder.

Then copy the new folder CID and save it to the domain.

After saving, it usually takes more than 10 minutes + to update because of caching.

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